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Jeff and Vicki live in a quiet rural town in WV. They love to spend their free time outdoors. When they upgraded to fishing kayaks (which can weigh over 100 lbs each) the loading/unloading of them really became a chore. Jeff thought that there had to be a way to get the boat from the water to the truck without lifting it. He researched but found no options available, so at Vicki’s suggestion, he created one. Jeff spent most of the winter in his shop cutting, welding, trying and undoing his attempts and emerged with a loading (unloading) system that does just that as well as hauls and secures your kayaks for transport.

When Jeff and Vicki took it out to use, they were surprised that everywhere they went, there was a lot of attention on it. People were curious and interested in watching just how this item worked. It didn’t take long for them to decide that maybe they were on to something with this system. It was apparent that they weren’t the only ones who shared this struggle. After filing for a patent for protection on the intellectual property, they began pursuing turning this product into a business.

Jeff and Vicki are great partners in this endeavor as they both bring different strengths to the table. The mission of KLS is to enable all who kayak ease in loading/unloading. Save your energy to enjoy your adventure in nature. This product will be a fit for all regardless of age or strength ability. From the seventy-year-old who still gets around well but has difficulty lifting a boat, to the single person who want to go kayaking alone but struggles to handle their gear independently, this is for you!

KLS is manufactured in WV and it’s important to Jeff and Vicki to not only provide a quality product but also to help boost the economic health of their community and state.

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